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Poooh! I’ve just finished reading all the violent and cruel stories in both the Bible and the Quran that I was able to find. I may have missed some, but probably not too many, because I used several good sources to find them. Here is my impression:
– Both books are astonishingly violent. Both gods use cruel violence themselves and demand their followers to do the same.
– There are more violent stories in the Bible.
– But the Bible is a much longer book. There are a little more violent stories in the Quran relative to the size of the text.
– There are a little more very cruel acts in the Bible – like genocides, ethnic cleansing, the killing of children or the stoning of people -, and they are described in more detail.
– The Quran is a little worse than the New Testament.
– The Old Testament is a little worse than the Quran.
– But, all in all, there aren’t any major differences between the texts.
– Much of the violence is very similar.

What can we learn from these comparisons? Not very much. Let’s just focus on the positive stories in both books! There are enough of them to help us win the struggle against fundamentalism! Peace, shalom, and salam to everyone!