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Dissidents and human rights activists from China, Tibet, Vietnam, Burma, North Korea, Indonesia, Iran, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Sudan, Zimbabwe, Cuba and Venezuela gathered in Geneva, Switzerland on March 8-9, 2010 for the Geneva Summit for Human Rights, Tolerance and Democracy.
Here you can watch videos of all the debates and speeches.

Watch historian Stephen Davies explain why mankind has been experiencing the most radical revolution ever in the last two centuries – and why this revolution has only just begun!

Stephen Davies at the Mercatus Center – Locating Ourselves Historically

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Watch this very informative “Enterprise Africa” – panel discussion on fighting poverty in Sub-Saharan Africa featuring some leading experts on the issue:

Enterprise Africa! – NYC Panel – 1

Jeffrey Robinson, William Eaterly, Peter Boettke

Enterprise Africa! – NYC Panel – 2

Karol Boudreaux

Enterprise Africa! – NYC Panel – 3

John Kasaona, Shadrack Mabuza, Temba Nolutshungu

Enterprise Africa! – NYC Panel – 4

Q & A