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Watch Ted Galen Carpenter and Ian Vásquez of the Cato Institute explain why we should end the international War on Drugs as soon as possible:

Is It Time to End the International War on Drugs?

“Since President Nixon launched the War on Drugs in 1971, its escalating direct and indirect costs have become increasingly apparent. As we have seen over the decades in Colombia, Mexico, Afghanistan, and other drug-source countries, banning the drug trade creates economic distortions and an opportunity for some of the most unsavory elements to gain tenacious footholds. Drug prohibition inevitably leads to an orgy of corruption and violence.”

Watch economist William Bernstein talk at Google Talks about his fascinating and fact-filled book The Birth of Plenty – How the Prosperity of the Modern World was Created, in which he explains why there was almost no growth at all until about 1820, when the world suddenly changed forever:

Authors@Google: William Bernstein

One of the most frightening and sadening realities in today’s Germany is how many people justify or downplay the crimes of the SED, the communist party which ruled Eastern Germany for decades.

Watch this touching documentary and confront those who deny or distort history:


Watch Steven Pinker speak about his book The Blank Slate – The Modern Denial of Human Nature, which I very highly recommend – it is the most informative, fascinating and convincing book on human nature I have ever read! -, at the MIT:

Walid Shoebat became a member of the Palestinian Liberation Organization as a young man, commited acts of terror and violence against Israelis and was imprisoned in an Israeli jail. Today he is an outspoken critic of any sort of antisemitism, antizionism, terrorism and religious extremism. Watch him speak at the University of California:

Confessions of a PLO Terrorist: Walid Shoebat