It’s really hard to explain what the Copenhagen Consensus Center is trying to do. In their own words: “Through the commissioning and conveying of research, we work to improve the prioritizing between various efforts to mitigate the consequences of the world’s biggest challenges. In particular we focus on the international community’s effort to solve the world’s biggest challenges and on how to do this in the most cost-efficient manner.”

Sounds weird? In a way it is. But if you give it a chance, you will learn a lot about our world’s biggest problems and what to do about them.
But you better be open minded…

Watch the Copenhagen Consensus 2008 Opening Speech and the Final Results Presentation by its founder Björn Lomborg.

Also watch videos of all the presentations, in which experts present “the latest research on every challenge and also put forward solutions to the challenge, including benefit and cost estimates”. It’s really worth it!