Watch Michael Ignatieff talk to Jung Chang and Jon Halliday about their biography, Mao – The Unknown Story, in which they prove that Mao’s communist regime killed over 70 000 000 people in peace times, more than any other regime in history:

Harvard University, Carr Center for Human Rights Policy: Mao – The Unknown Story

There is only one major point where I slightly disagree with the authors. They claim that Mao never really believed in marxist ideology. I doubt it. But I can’t tell. But even if that’s the case, most of his supporters definitely did believe in communism and the dynamic of the regime can only be explained by this simple fact. This is important to point out, because many communists reacted to the book by saying: ‘Well, maybe he killed 70 million people. But he never was a real communist anyway.’ Let’s not allow them to get away with this!