Torture is not just a human rights violation. It is in many ways the human rights violation. If a government can torture its enemies and get away with it, it can get away with almost anything. So now that – thank heavens! – the end of U.S. torture is finally drawing close, let’s not just forget what neoconservative zealots did to our country, our values, our constitution! They are still around. And they will keep trying to sell their lies to the American people and to stigmatize their critics as “anti-american traitors” and “enemies of freedom”, as if there was anything more anti-american and less freedom-loving than torture.

Don’t believe their lies and petty excuses. Don’t fall for their rationalizations. They did not just use “enhanced interrogation techniques”. They did not “just” use psychological torture. Psychological torture is not a form of “mild” torture. And there is no such thing as “mild” torture. Torture was not only used against evil terrorists. And it was not only used by “a few bad apples”. It was no accident, no minor mistake, no just loosing patience every now and then under extreme stress conditions. And there never was any ticking bomb scenario.

It was torture. It was systemic. In some cases it was murder. And it must never happen again.

Watch this sober, well-researched, but deeply disturbing indictment of the Bush administration’s war on human rights:

Taxi to the Dark Side

Oh say, does that star-spangled banner still wave… ?