Do you care about the “Millenium Development Goals” and the global fight against poverty? Do you care about Darfur and the global fight against genocide? Then you should also care about this terrible fact:

Eric Reeves in The New Republic : Millennium Development Grotesquery

“Incredibly, the regime committing genocide in Darfur is now meant to be in charge of a critical U.N. poverty- and disease-eradication program.

The largest and most influential group of developing nations has added an ill-considered and wholly gratuitous burden to the challenges of the Millenium Development Goals: they have selected the Sudan government, which continues to perpetrate genocide in Darfur in front of the eyes of the world, to be their chair in the coming year. The “Group of 77,” as it’s known, made this extraordinary decision at the very moment the General Assembly and the U.N. Secretariat were highlighting a number of discouraging shortfalls in MDG progress. The Group of 77 now has 130 members (77 was the number at its inception in 1964), including virtually every African nation. Since it was the African countries’ turn to pick the chair of the organization, and since the selection of Sudan was supported by China, the outcome–however outrageous–is hardly surprising. Strong support from the member states of the Organization of the Islamic Conference helped ensured Khartoum’s diplomatic victory. The selection of the National Islamic Front regime as chair is no mere symbolic exercise, though the symbolism of the choice is intensely dispiriting. For it comes at a time when the head of the regime faces a likely arrest warrant from the International Criminal Court—for crimes against humanity and for genocide in Darfur.”

Don’t miss the informative essay by Richard Dust on Darfur in the same issue of The New Republic :

The Truth Will Not Set You Free

“Everything we know about Darfur, and everything we’re not doing about it”

And watch Hillel Neuer from UN Watch confront the regime and its supporters at the UN:

Denying Darfur

“Sudan and its friends — Syria, Saudi Arabia, China — deny the atrocities in Darfur, and attack the members of the mission on Darfur as headed by Jody Williams. UN Watch confronts Sudan and its allies.”