WOZA stands for “Women of Zimbabwe Arise!”, a name that needs no explanation. The women of WOZA fight for democracy, prosperity and human rights. And the only weapons they use are words, songs and flowers.

Watch Footprint of Roses, a touching play written by Elaine Desmond which highlights the plight of WOZA and is presented here by Amnesty International :

Footprint of RosesIntroduction / Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3

Also watch Zaiba Malik from Al Jazeera’s Everywoman talk to Jenni Williams, the brave founder of WOZA, and some members, and this short video on WOZA and the People`s Charter.

Read Celia W. Dugger’s portrait of Jenni Williams in the International Herald Tribune : A ‘cheeky little devil’ leads rights fight in Zimbabwe, and Marry Theroux’ tribute to her courage for the Independent Institute : Church Women Greatest Threat to Mugabe?

“Like her predecessors William Wilberforce bringing an end to the British slave trade, the Reverend Martin Luther King ending Jim Crow laws and leading the fight for civil rights, and Archbishop Demond Tutu ending apartheid in South Africa and leading the transformative Truth and Reconciliation movement in its aftermath, as well as countless others, Jenni Williams is an inspiring reminder that a single voice, powered by the truth of God’s love for all His creation, can be a force beyond nature.”