For once Bono surprised me. For once he has shown some real courage. In the midth of crisis he has reminded people of the fantastic successes in almost every area and almost all around the globe:

“People are learning how to communicate and celebrate success and use the stories of lives saved and children educated as the way to accelerate more progress. .. Even amidst talk of a meltdown, there’s talk of the millennium development goals, how we can achieve them, removing the obstacles .. Education for all, malaria no more. These issues can be dismissed – no more. .. It’s undeniable, there simply has been fantastic success and it’s a crime these breakthroughs against poverty aren’t better known. Can all of you out there in the blogosphere please focus on these statistics of success and help me understand why they aren’t better known?”

If he only had the guts to name the No.1 reason for this progress, he could really help lift millions out of poverty!

Watch or listen to Swedish philosopher Johan Norberg talk about “the largest, most rapid rise in human living standards ever, which occurred over the last four decades,” and “the factors that generated these advances”:

Globalization and the World’s Rising Living Standards


“Despite the conclusions one might draw from the constant barrage of media negativity, never before have people lived longer, healthier, and wealthier lives with lower risks of malnourishment, illiteracy, or death by war or natural disaster.”