Genital mutilation is one of the most cruel and widespread forms of violence against girls around the world. Now some women (and men) in Iraqi-Kurdistan have finally broken the silence:

Debate about Female Genital Mutilation in Kurdish Newspaper

“The independent Kurdish Newspaper Hawlati published recently some articles debating Female Genital Mutilation in Iraqi-Kurdistan. This debate shows that a taboo was broken and now people do publicly criticize and defend this practice, which was before done secretly.”

Stop FGM in KurdistanCampaign against Female Genital Mutilation in Iraqi-Kurdistan

“In 2005, reports stated a cutting rate of nearly 60 % in several rural areas. Activists and physicians reported similar rates from other parts of the Kurdish region in Northern Iraq. As a consequence of the findings, Womens Groups and Human Rights Organizations initiated a broad public debate on FGM in the region.

»Stop FGM in Kurdistan« is a result of the debate. The campaign is initiated and supported by various local and international organizations and aims on and effective ban on FGM through:

  • a representative study on the appearance of FGM in the Kurdish region of Northern Iraq;
  • a public awareness campaign and an educational program on the physical and psychological consequences of FGM
  • the coordination of local organizations to work on a legal ban on FGM.”