On September 17, 1787 the United States Constitutional Convention signed the Constitution in Philadelphia. On Constitution Day we should not only celebrate, but also take some time to reflect on our freedoms.

Earlier this year, Freedom House published a special report on civil liberties in the U.S.:

Today’s American: How Free?

I believe the authors did a great job. I trust neither the nationalist right nor the anti-american left on these issues. And this report really convinced me that there’s a lot to worry and complain about, but there are many ways of fixing things – and many great Americans doing just that. I hope both candidates read it.

Watch some clips of the book forum and read some free chapters and excerpts of the report (by scrollling down) on the FH-Website.

Listen to an interview with co-editor Thomas Melia on the Kojo Nmandi Show.

Read reviews for The Economist: Land of the free? or the Washington Times: U.S. Not as Free as Touted

…and don’t forget to enjoy Constitution Day!