…the world should not forget its darkest years, if it wants to help Zimbabweans rebuild their country.

‘Inside Zimbabwe’ is a documentary about Operation Murambatsvina (‘Drive Out Trash’), a brutal campaign to clear slum areas, which hurt many of the poorest and weakest.

“September 2005 – In a bid to destroy the powerbase of his opponents, Robert Mugabe is bulldozing thousands of slums. Secret footage shows the consequences of this policy. A young boy flees the approaching bulldozer. Fire rages all around as house after house is reduced to rubble. These are the images President Mugabe doesn’t want to you see. Millions have lost their homes in part of a bizarre national clean up campaign centred on demolishing Zimbabwe’s slums.”

‘Inside a Failed State’ is a secretly filmed documentary from 2007 about the economic downfall, which led to Zimbabwe having one of the world’s very lowest life expectancies.

“Zimbabwe, once one of the most prosperous nations in Africa, now has the lowest life expectancy and highest inflation rate in the world. Life has become an everyday struggle for survival.
The supermarkets in Bulawayo are all empty. According to the shopkeeper, the last time they had bread was “a month ago”. Filming secretly undercover, journalist Ginny Stein captures the desperation everywhere. “There is no water. Nothing, just nothing”, laments ‘Tony’. “Children are hungry, everyone is hungry. Our government is a monster”. Even if there were things in the shops, most people couldn’t afford them.

‘Undercover in Zimbabwe’ is about the violence surrounding the March elections.