On September 9th, 1948 the North Korean communist regime was founded. Sixty years later, it is still one of the very worst dictatorships around the globe.

Sometimes one man’s fate tells it all. Dong Hyuk Shin was born in the gulag in 1982. He was beaten and tortured until he finally managed to escape in 2005. You can watch him speak about his terrible past, the current situation and his hopes for the future at Google:

Born and Raised in a Concentration Camp

“Shin was born on Nov. 19, 1982 and called the camp home until 2005. While at the camp, he endured daily beatings, torture, starvation-level rations, saw forced abortions and even witnessed the public execution of his mother and brother in 1996. Shin described his life of total isolation from the world: ‘In South Korea, although there is disappointment and sadness, there is also so much joy, happiness and comfort. In Kaechon, I did not even know such emotions existed. The only emotion I ever knew was fear: fear of beatings, fear of starvation, fear of torture and fear of death.’ Liberty in North Korea ‘s Executive Director Adrian Hong will brief the audience on the broader issue of human rights in North Korea, as well as the current refugee situation and what can be done to help.”