Still believe Khartoum is only indirectly responsible for the genocide in Darfur? Still believe they are ready for compromise and progress has been made?

On August 25, Sudanese government forces surrounded and later attacked Kalma camp, one of Darfur’s largest refugee camps, shooting people, setting fire to straw huts, killing dozens of civilians and injuring many more.

Actress Mia Farrow and Sudan expert Eric Reevs comment on the Kalma massacre in the Washington Post:

Now Sudan Is Attacking Refugee

The Kalma massacre is a part of Khartoum’s larger genocidal campaign. Since 2003, 80%-90% of Darfur’s African villages have been destroyed, and more than 2.5 million survivors have fled to squalid camps across Darfur, eastern Chad and the Central African Republic. Hundreds of thousands have died. Khartoum’s next goal is to shut down camps in Darfur, and force people out into the desert where they cannot survive. The homes and fields that once sustained so many of Darfur’s people are ashes now, or they have new occupants — Arab tribes from Darfur and as far away as Chad, Niger and Mali.

The message of the Kalma massacre is chillingly clear for Darfuris. But this assault on civilians in full view of the international community raises the question of what the massacre says about the rest of us.”