Naomi Klein is celebrated as a voice of the voiceless by the anti-globalisation movement, a 21st century Jeanne d’Arc fighting for and with the wretched of the earth. In her latest book, “The Shock Doctrine – The Rise of Disaster Capitalism”, she wants to prove the three core beliefs of the anti-globalists to be true:

1. Capitalism leads to poverty and inequality.

2. That is why it is widely unpopular around the world.

3. And because it is so unpopular, it needs to be forced on people by cruel dictatorships in times of crisis, when the forces of resistance are in a state of shock.

Johan Norberg, Sweden’s most well-known defender of globalisation, has written a well-informed and detailed critique of her book for the Cato Institute called: “The Klein Doctrine – The Rise of Disaster Polemics”, in which he tries to prove all three of her claims to be false.

Here you can also watch three short videos of Norberg talking about different aspects of Klein’s Book: Globalisation / Tiananmen / Friedman.

Now Klein has answered to what she calls Norberg’s “attack”:

A Response to the Attacks

And so of course Norberg “attacks” her again:

Another Attack!

A debate worth your attention!