It’s just another example of how ignorant most people are about the regime in Iran and the dissident movement fighting it: In the 1988 prison massacre thousands were killed by this totalitarian theocracy, most of them because of their political views. If you have never heard of it, don’t feel bad about it, but go and remind some people, so that we will never forget. Because those responsible are still in power.

Kaveh Shahrooz for Gossar: Twenty Years of Silence: The 1988 Massacre and the Quest for Accountability

A long report by the same author: “With Revolutionary Rage and Rancor: A Preliminary Report on the 1988 Massacre of Iran’s Political Prisoners” Harvard Human Rights Journal, Volume 20

The American Thinker: The 1988 Iran Massacre: Crimes Against Humanity

Amnesty: Iran: The 20th anniversary of 1988 “prison massacre”

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