Freedom House urges the world community to learn from this grave mistake:

Authoritarian Olympics Should Not Be Repeated

“We’re just beginning to understand the lengths to which the Chinese Communist Party went to systematically crush dissent in the name of the Olympics,” said Jennifer Windsor, Freedom House executive director. ‘Behind all of the pomp and glitter, an untold number of Chinese citizens are now languishing in labor camps, prisons or simply missing as a result of these Games. The Chinese authorities and their partners at the IOC have taught the international community some painful lessons that should not be ignored.’

A new democratic standard for the Games should be put in place before any new host countries are announced. The next two Olympics are in established democracies, but in 2014 the Winter Games move to Russia, an authoritarian regime that recently invaded neighboring Georgia forcing more than 100,000 people from their homes.

‘The IOC consistently demonstrated that it was unwilling to use its influence to push China’s Communist leaders to make even basic reforms,’ said Windsor. ‘Without intervention now, I can guarantee that Russia will deliver a repeat performance of China’s most grievous human rights abuses.'”