While China is hosting the Olympics, the sudanese government continues the ethnic cleansing of Darfur. Where is the connection? Well, if China would pressure Khartoum or at least get out of the way of the next UN-initiative, the killing could end very quickly. And if the world would put enough pressure on China, they would do just that. Yes, I believe it’s that simple. But I’m afraid we will never find out. The world is too busy watching sports right now.

The New York Times portrayed the Dream for Darfur-Team and its desperate struggle to bring the grim realities of Darfur to the world’s attention:

Changing The Rules of the Games

Here you’ll find their short overview of what China is doing, as well as what it should be doing.

“China Must:

  • Immediately provide half of the transport helicopters that UNAMID requires, with support from Europe and the United States for maintenance and contracting arrangements.
  • Support punitive measures, such as UN Security Council targeted sanctions, against Khartoum officials, until peace and security for Darfur is achieved.  UN targeted sanctions should be imposed immediately against government, rebel, or militia officials who are responsible for undermining UNAMID’s deployment, the North-South peace deal, or regional stability, such as attempting to overthrow the government in neighboring Chad.
  • Verifiably suspend all military cooperation with the Khartoum regime, including weapons transfers, until peace and security for Darfur is achieved.
  • Work with the United States, France, and the United Kingdom in a quartet supporting UN and African Union initiatives in Darfur, Southern Sudan, and Chad.  This cooperative work on the peace process needs to be comprehensive.  The problems of Darfur, Southern Sudan, and Chad are intertwined, so unless peace is advanced on all of these fronts it will be unlikely to be achieved on any of these fronts.”